Custom Sea Glass Lamps

Each sea glass lamp that I make is unique and one of a kind, just like each piece of sea glass. My lamps are designed with the desires and wishes of the client in mind.

The lampshade can be made in a variety of shapes and dimensions, though weight is a factor. I utilize ONLY genuine sea glass, period. I have accumulated this over many years, mostly from beaches on the Atlantic, but also from Hawaii and beaches on the Pacific Ocean. I have been given and purchased sea glass from European sources as well.

Artificially tumbled glass, many times marketed as sea glass, is NOT truly sea glass and is NOT used in my lamps. Each piece is selected for its color, shape, and size. The most common colors are green, brown, and white (from clear glass). Colors such as blue, yellow, red, and orange are highly prized and uncommon.

The uniqueness of sea glass is based upon not only its source, but how and where it ended up in the ocean, the amount of sand and rocks in the area, the amount of wave action and currents, both tidal and ocean, the salinity of the water, and the length of time in the water.

Other factors can also influence sea glass, such as what is called “bonfire glass”, which is glass that was likely tossed into a beach bonfire, melted, and sometimes fused to other colors of glass, taken out to sea, and treated as any other piece of glass or pottery.

The constant action of the sea, over long periods of time, renders the shards of glass to lose their sharp edges, becoming well-rounded, and acquiring the characteristic patina or almost a ground glass appearance, unique to genuine sea glass.