About John J. Yurosko

Following his retirement in 2015, John was able to concentrate on one of his passions, to utilize his stained glass skills to the fullest. Having designed and constructed many projects, and skilled in both the classical lead technic and foil (Tiffany) techniques, he combined those with another interest, sea glass.

Collecting sea glass for years, it was an obvious choice to utilize what was previously overlooked, most sea glass was used in jewelry, the rest being discarded. Using this resource, he designed and constructed his first sea glass lamp.  This unique creation evolved into lamps of various shapes and sizes and eventually to the design and construction of bases for his lamps. He strictly utilizes genuine sea glass which only nature can provide.

Constructing a custom lamp, combined with a base which complements the project is the goal. Seeking out driftwood or turning a custom lamp base on his lathe furthers his joy of working with natural materials and combining his glass and woodworking skills.

Originally from Pennsylvania, John has called Venice home for over forty years. Though he has many interests, which include fly fishing, flying, sailing, scuba diving, golf, growing orchids, and working in his yard, constructing unique, one of a kind sea glass lamps is his greatest passion.

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